Academy of Cataract and Laser Surgery

Augusta, Georgia

Under the direction of Augusta Ophthalmologist Dr. Howard L. Bruckner, our office offers the latest, state-of-the-art medical and surgical eye care with our concentration centered on our patient care. The Academy offers the following services and procedures:

Laser Technology

The Academy invests in patient care and maintains several types of lasers, which are used on the premises.  For laser eye surgery, we use the new Allegretto WaveLight vision correction laser along with the Intralase laser for blade-free LASIK . The Allegretto WaveLight laser is the most advanced technology in LASIK , Epi-LASIK , and PRK . No vision correction laser is more accurate or safer than the Allegretto WaveLight.

The Argon Laser is used for retinal pathology (associated with anatomic defects, diabetes or vascular anomalies), glaucoma treatment and eyelash removal.  The YAG Laser is used for treating after-cataracts, dissolving membranes in the eye and for treatment of acute glaucoma attacks.

The CO 2 Laser is used for removal of tumors and plastic surgery procedures.

Augusta Ophthalmologis Dr. Bruckner continues to learn about the latest techniques in ophthalmology so that he may provide his patients with state-of-the-art treatments. Dr. Bruckner is an experienced ophthalmologist, who performs state-of-the-art vision correction techniques as well as cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment on his patients throughout Georgia, as well as those from neighboring States, States in the Northeast, the West, and even countries as far away as Africa, the Middle and Far East, India, Canada, and South America.

The Academy is also a teaching environment. Ophthalmologists from all parts of the US and from abroad, occasionally spend apprenticeships with Dr. Bruckner.

To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Bruckner, give us a call at (706) 722-9601 or email us.

The Academy of Cataract and Laser Surgery offers state-of-the-art medical and surgical eye care with a focus on patient care.
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