Cataract and Laser Surgeon

Augusta, Georgia

Augusta Ophthalmologist Howard L. Bruckner, MD, is the Founder and Medical/Surgical Director of the Academy of Cataract and Laser Surgery. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon who has been in private practice since 1973, and has constantly demonstrated his commitment to putting his patients first, developing and practicing innovative techniques only when they can definitively be shown to improve the patients’ vision.

Trained to perform keratomileusis before the invention of LASIK, he was a member of the International society of Refractive Keratoplasty and a founding member of the Kerato-Refractive Society. He was a practitioner and instructor of LASIK during its earliest days, but rejected the technique because of its side effects and unpredictable results. However, with the improvement of technology and techniques, he believes LASIK is finally reliable and consistent enough to recommend to virtually every eligible patient. Now, he uses a unique combination of the best available technologies, the Allegretto WaveLight System and the IntraLase iLasik system, to provide his patients consistent, predictable, and life-enriching results.

In addition to his commitment to the treatment procedure, Augusta Ophthalmologist Dr. Bruckner commits himself to each patient as an individual. He is approachable, truly listens to his patients, and dedicates the full amount of time necessary to personally examine each patient and design a precise, individualized treatment plan for his or her unique condition. He will only recommend laser vision correction to those who are good candidates, and will devote his full attention to each patient before, during, and after the procedure.


Dr. Bruckner offers preceptorships in those techniques and procedures in which he excels. He has taught eye surgeons from the United States, India, South America, Asia and the Middle East how to perform small opening cataract surgery and how to implant foldable intraocular lenses.

He has also offered preceptorships in the use of laser for cosmetic facial surgery and has authored many articles and occasional book chapters in various ophthalmic publications. Dr. Bruckner is frequently invited overseas to present papers and conduct seminars dealing with his areas of expertise.

Dr. Bruckner is an experienced ophthalmologist, who performs state of the art vision correction techniques as well as cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment for his patients in Augusta, throughout Georgia, and many other States.

In addition to his private practice, Augusta Lasik surgeon Dr. Bruckner donates his time and skill as a member of the Team of International Eye Surgeons, providing treatment to individuals around the world who cannot afford the eye treatment they need. He is an accomplished international lecturer, and has contributed invited chapters to ophthalmic texts. He served as Chief of Ophtalmology for the United States Army’s Southeastern US division, and received the Army Commendation Medal for his service in 1972.

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