Academy of Cataract and Laser Surgery

Augusta, Georgia

"Just a short note to express my gratitude to you and your staff for changing my life forever!

I am so pleased with this procedure. After sharing my experience with other 'LASIK' people, I discovered how much more service and patient care you provide. I am so glad that I waited and ya’ll in Augusta is such a blessing."

"Each one of you made my LASIK experience great. From my 1st consultation I felt right at home and so comfortable trusting ya’ll with my vision. I was nervous and ya’ll made the whole process a little easier! Your whole staff deserves 2 big thumbs up, because all of you are great. Y'all will definitely get many referrals from me!

Thanks again to each of you!"

Erin (22)

“I had wanted to have Lasik for quite some time. I had visited Dr. Bruckner in the past and he was not comfortable with the results of the older methods. I investigated the new method and came in for a new consultation”


Very professional and caring staff, they made me feel secure.
The consultant always had the best attitude when I had questions and comments.

Dee (63)

I drove from Atlanta to have the procedure with Dr. Bruckner- that is a huge statement.


Please read some of our patients’ answers to these simple questions:

How was Pre-op and Post-op preparation?


Excellent, always felt at ease.

I knew exactly what to expect!

What  was your initial Impression of the practice?

I immediately felt at ease home and taken care of. I was a bit scared, but after I got all the information I felt a lot better.

Caring, considerate and very knowledgeable. 

Initial assessment was the best experience!

Very Educated & knowledgeable

That is was completely pain free!!!!!


Below are cards that our patients sent to express their gratitude: